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Share valuable information with patients through your waiting room TV.



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Internet Marketing

Attract new patients with SEO, search advertising, and social media strategies.



Gain trust and reach new patients in your community.



Build your brand with dental video marketing campaigns.


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Dental Websites, Internet Marketing & Patient Education Videos

You already know how to build trust chairside. We help you translate that into dental websites, quality content, educational videos, and marketing strategies that engages patients and helps you build a strong, successful practice.

We’ve helped hundreds of dental practices attract and retain patients. Call us today 1 (866) 906-7846.

Dental Waiting Room TV

Offer more than the news or daytime talk shows for your patients. Optio TV features short videos that inform patients about current dental topics, oral hygiene tips, and popular dental services. You can customize the video mix to showcase services you offer or topics you want to highlight.

Optio TV lets you introduce services in a friendly, casual way – and makes your chairside consultations quicker and easier.


Optio Dentistry Patient Education Videos

Engage your patients and increase treatment acceptance with high-definition videos on general dentistry procedures, oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, and more. Available in your office for one-on-one consultation and on your website for broader promotion and patient questions.

Optio Dentistry Trailer

Optio Dentistry - On your website

Display Optio Dentistry videos on your website, giving your patient the information they need to understand treatment. You can also email links or share videos on social media, making it easier to market your practice and specific services.

Optio Dentistry - In your office

Save time by playing patient education videos for your patients before a procedure, or use the slides to help explain the procedure in your own words. The Optio Dentistry App is available to meet your practice needs.


Stunning Dental Websites

Customized website designs based on your branding, colours and logo - because your office isn’t the same as the one down the street. We take the time to make sure your website reflects the personality of your office, which makes it easier for new patients to choose you.

Responsive design

Designs that automatically adjust to mobile or tablet devices make it easy to find information, no matter the screen size.

SEO optimized

On-page search engine optimization makes it easier for search engines to find and index your dental practice site.

Custom content

Original text written for your dental practice and embedded videos make sure your patients have a unique experience.

Continuing website maintenance

Content updates included, as well as security upgrades, hosting and technical maintenance so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your site is being properly managed.

With more than a decade of experience designing websites for dentists we know what your patients are looking for and how to best engage them with information about your practice and your services.


Marketing Your Practice

A good internet marketing strategy reaches, attracts, and retains prospective new patients. Boost your online presence with our proven and cost-effective tools.

We’ve worked with clients throughout the United States and Canada to hone our dental Internet marketing strategies. We take the time to understand your practice and then customize a strategy to reach your goals. Our multi-channel approach will increase the number of new patients your see each month and the number of prospects for high-value treatments, such as dental implants and cosmetic services.