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Facebook advertising can grow your practice.

If you want to reach potential new patients, you simply can’t do better than using Facebook and Instagram advertising. These are social platforms people continue to use and trust. And they are powerful platforms for marketing because your message can be extremely targeted. You’ll be able to reach the right people, in the right place, with the right message.

Reach the people you want to attract

We’ll define your ideal audience and reach them with a message that resonates. We can geo-target people who live near your practice, who match the age and interests of your ideal patient, and who are most likely to be interested in treatment. The power to target so accurately means you’re making the most of every marketing dollar.

Campaign creative that fits your practice

Your ad campaign will be comprised of high-quality posts that are professionally-designed and written, and tailored specifically to meet the needs of your practice. We’ve created custom campaigns designed to attract families, implant candidates, orthodontics candidates, pediatric patients, and many others.

A landing page designed to convert

When a potential new patient clicks on your ad in their social feed, they’re taken to a landing page that works hard to close the deal. Your campaign landing page is custom-built for your practice, gives the visitor more information, and encourages them to call or email your practice right away.

Your campaign accuracy only improves over time

Optio creates campaigns for dentists across North America, so we have a deep data set. This means we know what works—no matter the size of the market. Since we constantly monitor your campaign, we’re able to adjust our approach on the fly to optimize engagement. So, your campaign can evolve to become even more effective as time goes on.

Social content that informs and intrigues.

Great content is the heart of any marketing campaign. We support your practice with a deep and diverse library of posts that are creatively designed based on the latest research, reviewed and approved by dentists, and reflect your practice’s brand.

Ready to attract new patients?

Then let’s get started today. We can help you launch a campaign that gets results—like we already do for dentists across North America.