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Dental practice Facebook post ideas you can rely on

Need a little more inspiration to post to your practice Facebook page? Here are some ideas you can draw on every month...

  • Birthdays. Is anyone in the practice celebrating their birthday this month? Share a picture of them enjoying their office birthday cake with their colleagues on the big day, or a throwback photo of them as a kid and ask patients to guess whose birthday it is!
  • Milestones. Will any of your team members reach a career milestone this month, like 10 years with the practice? What about a personal milestone, like losing 60 lbs. or running their first marathon? Talk to them about sharing their success on the practice’s Facebook page.
  • Birth announcements. If anyone on your team has a baby this month, be sure to share a photo and the name if it’s OK with the employee. (Example: Our hygienist, Tina, had her daughter on Sept. 20. Please join us in welcoming Molly Anne to the world, and congratulating Tina, Bill, and big brother John. Another addition to the ABC Dental family!)
  • Holidays. Are there any holidays coming up this month that your practice will be celebrating? Don’t forget to share photos of your holiday decor or any practice gatherings you put together.
  • Special events. Is your practice organizing a fundraiser or community event this month? Taking part in a walkathon, 10K or charity car wash? Take lots of photos, so your Facebook audience can see your practice in action making a difference!
  • Meaningful gestures. If one of your patients drops off a basket of muffins, or brightens up the practice by bringing in some flowers from their garden, thank them on Facebook -- with a picture! If one of your team members goes above and beyond for a patient, tell us about the experience.
  • People in your neighbourhood. Think about the businesses that share a connection with your practice. Maybe you always grab coffee at the great local place down the road, pick up lunch at the family-run sandwich shop, or order flowers from a nearby florist to brighten up the reception desk. Share a positive photo and message about the business, tagging them on Facebook if possible -- they’ll appreciate the spotlight!
  • Promotions. Is the practice running a deal on teeth whitening this month, or offering a free consultation for cosmetic dentistry services? Chat with your colleagues to see if there’s anything special you could mention to your Facebook followers.
  • Tips and tricks. What could you share with Facebook fans that would make their life a little easier? Is there construction in front of your practice, and you could recommend an alternate route or parking area? Is there a new flossing technique one of your hygienists just learned at a training conference?
  • Insider information. One of the benefits of “liking” a business’s page is gaining access to tidbits you wouldn’t otherwise have. Is your practice planning a renovation or in the process of redoing the waiting area? Is there a new business moving in next door, or a special free event happening down the street this weekend? Share these details so your Facebook fans can be “in the know.”
Heather Laura Clarke
Heather Laura Clarke
Heather has been working at Optio Publishing in various capacities since 2008, and she's currently a Custom Content Strategist and Social Media Manager. She is also a freelance journalist for newspapers and magazines across Canada, and spends far too much time on Pinterest.
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