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Free Email Template to Improve Facebook Likes

Sometimes, dental practices struggle to get Facebook “likes” simply because patients don’t realize their page exists.

Maybe you’ve chatted about your Facebook page or posted signs around the practice inviting patients to “like” the page, but then patients forget by the time they’re back in front of their phone or computer.

Don’t forget about a very important resource that can help: email addresses.

Practices that send their patients short, polite emails announcing their Facebook page consistently see higher engagement. If a patient is checking their email, it will only take them a couple of clicks to “like” your page.

So, if you’re sitting on a database full of patient email addresses, here’s a sample email template you might want to consider using ...


Dear Patient name,

You’re a valued patient of Practice name and we appreciate your loyalty.

We’d like to invite you to “like” our practice page on Facebook: link to the practice’s Facebook page

We post special offers and promotions running at Practice name, as well as last-minute openings, cancellations, new services and dental tips. We occasionally run contests and giveaways available exclusively to those who like the page.

By having our patients “like” the Facebook page (link to the practice’s Facebook page), we’re better able to reach new patients in the community -- as well as connect with our long-time patients.

As always, thank you for choosing Practice name and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.


Dentist name
Practice name
Practice Address
Phone number
Email address
Social media links


By keeping the email short and simple, you’re giving your patients the information they need without taking up a lot of their time.

You’re also letting them know about the benefits of “liking” the practice’s page. Everyone likes the idea of scoring a special offer, finding out about a new service and entering a contest!

Any questions? We’re always here to help!

Heather Laura Clarke
Heather Laura Clarke
Heather has been working at Optio Publishing in various capacities since 2008, and she's currently a Custom Content Strategist and Social Media Manager. She is also a freelance journalist for newspapers and magazines across Canada, and spends far too much time on Pinterest.
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