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Introducing Optio TV for your dental practice waiting room

Optio TV is now available on Apple TV and for purchase on our website. We’re are proud to make our educational videos and entertaining dental content available for our clients to use in their lobbies.

Introducing Optio TV

Optio TV will help you improve internal marketing to patients and increase a patient’s understanding of common dental treatments and oral hygiene.

“We believe in improving oral health by providing high-quality patient education. When patients are aware of treatment options and oral hygiene techniques, they will be better able to care for themselves. Whether that is by accepting a recommended treatment the first time the dentist discusses it with them or by improving their flossing routine at home.” Brent Parr, CEO, Optio Publishing

Engaging Dental Content

Optio TV includes new videos designed to catch the patient’s attention. New content is designed specifically for dentists, with a focus on oral hygiene, how to’s and dental tips, and common treatments. These new videos are mixed in with educational content from the Optio Dentistry video library.

“We’ve hand-picked the educational videos that will showcase the dental practice and treatment options without scaring away nervous patients.” Jason Murray, Creative Director, Optio Publishing.

Sometimes it’s not appropriate to have the sound on in the waiting room, so Optio TV features videos that are clear with or without audio. Each video has closed captioning files or on-screen text to help the viewer understand more about their treatment options. French and Spanish subtitles are also available.

Easy set-up

Optio TV is available on the Apple TV App Store which makes it easy for dental offices to plug in and hit play. Early users have enjoyed the functionality and had patients agree to accept treatment as a result of showing the videos in the waiting room. Here's what one dentist had to say:

“It works flawlessly, I don’t need to restart the box ever, and the high resolution video looks great. Very happy!” Dr Justin Highmoor, Highmoor Dental

We want to give a big shout-out to all the dentists, hygienists, designers, developers, writers and editors who contributed to making this product a success.

Click here for more information or to purchase Optio TV.

Jean Fraser
Jean Fraser
As the Director of Marketing at Optio Publishing, Jean is fascinated by all things related to internet marketing, including SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media Management. When not at work she can be found tearing up the dance floor.
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