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Optio TV playing on television in practice

Next generation waiting room TV for Dentists

A personal connection improves patient loyalty

When your patients get to know your team members on a more personal level, they become more emotionally connected to your practice—and more likely to remain loyal. It’s why we give our Optio TV clients the option of including customized team bios in their content stream.

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Introduce your dentists to your patients

People are naturally curious, and appreciate knowing more about the people who will treat them. Use your Optio TV bio to share where you studied or your recent CE certificates, highlight your work in the community or how you spend your free time to make a genuine connection with your patients.

Highlight your doctors’ specialized training

If a particular doctor has specialized training, such as dental implant training, it’s a good idea to let patients know about it. So use your video bio to tell them, and help your patients feel even more confident in their doctor’s hands.

Building and including video bios is easy

Just a few short sentences

Our goal is for your patients to be able to absorb the video bio quickly and easily—so we keep it to just a few short sentences. All we need from you is the answers to a few simple questions, and we can start building your personal video.

A few casual, relatable photographs

Your bio photography doesn’t have to look like a formal LinkedIn photo. We find that the photos patients most enjoy seeing are more casual ones where the doctor is living their life— in other words, the kind of photos most of us already have on our camera roll.

A custom build to reflect your brand

If there’s something you’d like your patients to know, your video feed is a great way to communicate it. We can create custom videos for you about recent specials or promotions, changes to clinic hours, parking or other policies, new clinic technology, kids programming, or anything else specific or relevant to your practice.

Optio TV playing on television in practice