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Optio TV playing on television in practice

Next generation waiting room TV for Dentists

The right content. At the right time.

One of the most powerful features of Optio TV is how flexible and customizable its content stream is. Our smart content scheduler controls how often specific content is displayed. So your patients are sure to be exposed to the content that matters most to you.

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The key is your our smart content scheduler

When you subscribe to Optio TV, the first thing we do for you is create a custom profile for your practice. Your profile includes the services you offer, technology, targeted patients, your branding, and custom content. Our smart content scheduler will then control the priority, frequency, and timeliness of specific videos.

Time holiday-specific content appropriately

Some of the video content we provide is relevant to specific times of year—like Halloween, back to school, or Mother’s Day. Your smart scheduler will ensure that this seasonal content is shown frequently before the special day—and only then.

You choose your video frequency

Prioritize videos that maximize revenue

If your personal video stream includes content about high-value treatments you offer, you can choose to weight these videos more heavily so they’re shown more often. And if you have a short-term promotion to advertise, you can be sure it’s seen while it’s valid.

Limit specific content as you see fit

Just like you can maximize how often certain videos are shown, you can choose to minimize a video’s presence in your stream. So, if there’s content that you’re less concerned about your patients seeing, go ahead and limit their exposure to it.

Shuffle content daily for novelty

As much as your patients are your top priority, your staff’s comfort matters too. It’s why we give you the power to shuffle your daily content stream, so no two days’ sequence is the same. A fresh video stream is always appreciated!

Optio TV playing on television in practice