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Understanding the Search Engine Results Pages

When you search Google, three different kinds of results appear: AdWords, Local, and Organic. In this video, you’ll learn about these listings, where the information comes from, and how you can influence search engines to display your practice higher in their listings.

Google AdWords are sometimes referred to as paid search advertising or search engine marketing. These listings appear at the top of the page or down the right hand side, and are labelled with a small “Ad” icon.

Local listings are based on your Google My Business profile – which pulls information from all over the web – and displays listings beside a map of your area.

Organic listings are at the very bottom of the page. They contain a mix of dentists, directories where people can find more dentists, and other search results related to dentistry.

This video is designed to work with a customized Internet marketing report. Find out how your practice’s website ranks for common keywords by ordering your FREE Internet marketing report. Email us at info@optiopublishing.com with your name and website URL to request your report.

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Brent Parr
Brent Parr
Brent is the CEO and co-founder of Optio Publishing. Most days he can be found deep in conversation with customers or partners about the best ways to market their business. Brent loves outdoor activities such as skiing, ultimate frisbee and camping.
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